People often ask – “Who’s that girl on your label?”

photoof-labelBack in 2009 when owner Shaun White asked good friend and designer Teresa Beere Johnson to create a label that showcases our 100% natural free range treats.

Teresa had taken some great shots of her 12 year old daughter Alix and dog Sasha up at Aldergrove Park. Using these shots as a background, she created the labels.

Where are they now?

Alix is now 18 and just graduated from high school. She plans to work and then travel before attending university. In fact she’s working for Open Range Pet treats for the summer! Sasha is now 13, a pretty good age for a lab. She still enjoys her Open Range Pet Treats!

Alix and Sasha

Alix and Sasha – September 2002

Sasha - Open Range Pet Treats

Sasha – now 13, still enjoys her Open Range Pet treats!