Obesity in Dogs

May 08, 2019

There is a growing trend of obesity in dogs due likely to a combination of high calories and inactivity or lack of regular exercise. Sounds just like humans! And same as with us, obesity can cause a number of health-related issues for your dog. We help you to treat your dog well, naturally with Open Range Treats, while advocating for the health and well being of all dogs.

Maintaining a healthy weight by watching and monitoring your dog’s caloric intake, you can help us to help dogs live healthier and happier lives. In simple terms, our 100% natural pet treats are packed with healthy benefits including high calories mainly from protein and some fats that your dog requires. Be aware that you are adding calories to your dog’s diet when you are treating them well, naturally with Open Range products. We want your dog to love their health and well being as much as we know they love and want to devour our treats!

A study from the Canadian Veterinary Journal measured calories from a sample of bully/pizzle sticks and found that 1 bully/pizzle stick can provide up to 9% of a 50lb dog’s required caloric intake for a day. With the high rates of obesity in dogs, you should be aware of dog treats as a source of calories in a dog’s diet and should consider not only the dog food, but also pet treats and table food. At Open Range, we want you to treat your dog well, naturally. Treat them often, but ensure they get plenty of exercised to maintain a healthy weight.