Product Details

Bully Sticks – Our top quality Bully Sticks are odour controlled and steam cured, with no hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids and no preservatives. Our Bully Sticks are our most popular product and come in many sizes. Open Range All Natural Pet Treats beef products are all produced from natural free range South American beef.

Product DescriptionPack SizeProduct Code
4″ Bully Stick65/packORB1
5 – 6″ Bully Stick45/packORB2
11 – 12″ Bully Stick5o/packORB3
12″ Bully Stick10/packORB47
22 – 24″ Bully Stick25/packORB4
32 – 36″ Bully Stick20/packORB4A
12″ Supreme Bully Stick (60+ grams)35/packORB40